Miscellaneous Services

Check Printing Fee depends on style of checks ordered
Money Orders  
Customer $2.00
Noncustomer $5.00
Cashier Checks  
Customer $4.00
Noncustomer $10.00
Online Banking  
Basic N/C
Bill Payment $5.00
Cash Management Inquire at Online Customer Service
Mobile Banking  
Basic N/C
Mobile Check Deposit N/C
Notary Service  
Customer N/C
Noncustomer $5.00
Government Levies $100.00
Nonsufficient Funds (NSF) $28.00 per item
Chargeback Items $5.00 per item
Statement Copies $3.00
With Images $7.00
Mailed for online banking customer (monthly/quarterly) $5.00
Account Reconciliation / Research $25.00 per hour,
$10.00 minimum
plus $2.00 per copy of items
Telephone Transfer (Bank by Phone)  
Deposit N/C
Loan N/C
Telephone Transfer (through a Customer Service Representative)
Deposit $5.00
Loan $5.00
Stop Payments $28.00 each
Account Closed within 90 days of opening $20.00
Photocopies $1.00 per copy
Check Cashing  
Customer N/C
Non-customer 1% of face amount,
minimum $10.00
plus any expense incurred
Collections (incoming)  
Customer $15.00
Noncustomer $45.00
Collections (outgoing)  
Customer $15.00
Noncustomer $25.00
Securities Safekeeping $25.00 setup fee
$1.00 per interest check
$5.00 per coupon
$.01 per $1,000 per month maintenance fee
Telephone Inquires  
Bank by Phone N/C
Through a Customer Service Representative $2.00
Outgoing Wire Transfers  
Customer $15.00
Noncustomer $25.00
Incoming Wire Transfers  
Customer $5.00
Noncustomer $20.00
International Wire Transfers Inquire at Wire Transfer Department
Night Deposit Bags $15.00 annually
Collection Notes  
Setup Charge $25.00
Per Amortization $10.00
Per Check mailed $10.00
Per Deposit $5.00
Signature Guarantee  
Customer N/C
Noncustomer Not Available
Overdraft Protection $3.00 per transfer
Visa Debit Card (replacement) $5.00